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Aberdare Engineering Limited (AEL) is a specialized firm in Power Engineering Systems Planning, Transmission and Distribution lines and Substations design, Project Management and Building Services.
Engineering and Project Management

AEL provides professional services to Governments, International organizations as well as public and private enterprises. We are one of the leading engineering and development consultancies in Africa providing multidisciplinary consultancy services in power engineering, project management, building services and socio-environmental and development activities. AEL have been engaged in many assignments throughout the region all of which have been successfully completed. We are committed to implement quality management in all corporate activities and on all projects undertaken on behalf of clients.

  • Design and Supervision of construction and commissioning building engineering services which include all electrical and mechanical installations in buildings with a mission to optimize running energy and capital costs of their installations.

  • Design and supervision of construction and commissioning electrical power systems at 220kV, 132kV, 66kV, 33kV, 11kV and low voltage. These include overhead lines, underground cables, substations, transformers, switchgear, protection and associated controls.

  • The principals of AEL, have been involved in all aspects of the rural electrification program in Kenya, including collection of data, projects selection and appraisal, project planning, negotiation of funds with the donors, project design, supervision of construction and commissioning of most of such projects carried out in the country.

  • The principals of AEL, were involved in conjunction with the Ministry of Energy, in the study of the wind regimes in various parts of the country. They therefore have good experience in this field of source of clean energy, which is hardly developed in the East African Region.


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